ED Recovery Challenge

Getting better one point at a time

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Welcome to the ED Recovery Challenge! Inspired by the various pro-ed challenge communities already in existance, I thought there should be a pro-recovery challenge as well! The goal of this community is to encourage recovery and healthy eating habits.

Every day you can earn points in the following categories:

+1 for sticking to your meal plan.
~If your goal is to maintain/gain or just gain weight, earn 1 extra point for eating MORE than planned.
~If your goal is to stop bingeing, earn 1 point for each binge-free day.

*Before starting an exercise plan, please meet with your doctor and make sure that it would be safe*
+1 for 30+ minutes of exercise.
~If it is safe for you, earn 1 point for each additional 30 minutes.

+1 for drinking at least 4 glasses
+2 for drinking at least 8 glasses

+1 for every thing you do that makes you feel good about yourself.

Negative Points
-1 for purging (Subtract one point for each time)
-1 for taking any diet pills (unless perscribed by a doctor)
-1 for overexercising

+1 for posting

When joining, please make your first post your introduction.

Are you trying to lose, maintain, or gain weight?
What are your recovery goals?
Stats (optional)
Pictures (optional - please place behind a cut)

At the end of each week add up your points. This is a contest against YOURSELF, not the other members. The goal is to get more points than you did the week before. Hopefully we can help each other become healthy and happy!

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